Retro Fabric Easter Egg Tutorial

Colourful fabric Easter Eggs!!! Ok, as my new hobby lately is sewing, this is something that I definitely  have to try! ❤

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Beautiful Easter Decoration Ideas


While matching Easter decoration for a comfortable home, you have to remember which are the most important elements of decorating Easter. They all have a strong connection with nature and flowers. Easter decoration often comes in the form of bouquets, birds, colorful eggs and various other such objects.

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Decorate with Beautiful Flowers and Fairy Lights Made by Egg Cartons

So, it’s spring time, Easter is around the corner, and we have already bought dozens of eggs   to dye. Egg cartons are ideal for paper constructions that exploit both the texture and the particular shape – dents of the cups. This is one of the most  enjoying paper constructions you have ever tried, which also ends with a very special and impressive result!!
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