Strawberry Banana Ice Cream


This ice cream recipe is super suitable for the hot days: vegan, nutritious and refreshing!! It is  only made with fruit – no added sugar – and the result reminds of an Italian gelato. Easy to prepare as well, as  you won’t need to have an ice cream maker machine, only a mixer or blender.

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Beat the Heat with Delicious Cold Fruit Soups

chilled-raspberry-soup-recipe-00A steaming hot soup can be especially repulsive when the temperature begins to rise, but the cold soups is a different and very tasty thing. Cool, refreshing, colourful and loaded with seasonal fruits and vegetables, is a perfect way to beat the heat. See them, in a different way …now that we’ve made the most beautiful ice bowls let’s fill them with the most flavoured chilled fruit soups!! Can you think of anything better? ❤

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