16 Beet-full Drinks…. Beet it, Just Beet it!!!!

After reading this article, about the health benefits of the beetroot and its juice, and being myself a beet lover, I thought that I have to find some more drink recipe ideas and put them into our daily life. Found some for day and others for the night… 😉 and just can’t wait to taste them all, one by one, starting…. now! 🙂 Cheers!!

Beetroot, Jaggery, Orange and Mint Juicebrl3 (1 of 1)

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16 Christmas Appetizer Ideas with Almond-Cheese

Say “Cheese”!!!!!



Yes, this Christmas I decided to have many different cheesy appetizers on our table, using our almost-cheese spread instead of all those cheeses used on the recipes below.

Here are some great ideas I’ve found and I think that they will work just fine with the dairy free almond cheese we’ve made. Continue reading “16 Christmas Appetizer Ideas with Almond-Cheese”