16 Paleo Ways to Have Your Breakfast Eggs

Eggs are just the perfect choice to begin or keep going the day, as they provide all the energy and nutrition your body needs !!!

Asian Eggs

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16 Beet-full Drinks…. Beet it, Just Beet it!!!!

After reading this article, about the health benefits of the beetroot and its juice, and being myself a beet lover, I thought that I have to find some more drink recipe ideas and put them into our daily life. Found some for day and others for the night… 😉 and just can’t wait to taste them all, one by one, starting…. now! 🙂 Cheers!!

Beetroot, Jaggery, Orange and Mint Juicebrl3 (1 of 1)

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16 Christmas Appetizer Ideas with Almond-Cheese

Say “Cheese”!!!!!



Yes, this Christmas I decided to have many different cheesy appetizers on our table, using our almost-cheese spread instead of all those cheeses used on the recipes below.

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