The Most Beautiful Easter Eggs of All!! – Part 1.


The story goes like this…

Quite a few days now, I noticed a couple of collared doves coming at my kitchen’s balcony every now and then, especially in my parsley pot. Many times I pulled my kitchen’s curtain to scare them and make them leave. It was only temporary. Each time they were returning after a while. Not even my little one, with his shouts and his toys noises, managed to make them go away.

Friday night I was told that I could make them leave for good by placing a CD into the pot, or nearby. Next day was my little one’s birthday! So, I woke up early in the morning, determined to put an end to all this. I picked up an old CD,  I opened the balcony door in a hurry – just to scare the poor bird more – and I went out. The scared bird left from the pot, but then I saw this… DSC_0393-003

I turned back with a big smile, left the CD and took my camera. I took some photos of those cute – no just cute, adorable I should say – little eggs, and then went back in my kitchen. Seconds after I closed the door, mama came back…

Four years ago our little one came into our world, and now, on this very day, another mama chose my flower pot to built up her nest and raise her own family!! I am so happy!!!

Since then, the eggs have never been left alone, not even for a minute. When I hear the song coo-COO-coo, I know daddy has come to the nest. And mama never leaves, unless daddy is here to take her place to keep their eggs warm. A beautiful family lives outdoor my kitchen. DSC_0380-001



To be continued… 🙂 xx


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