DIY Christmas Light String


What you gonna need:


  • Knitting yarn (cotton, acrylic, wool),
  • Adhesive varnish,
  • A brush,
  • Inflatable balloons,
  • An old light string,
  • A needle,
  • A pen.

What you have to do:

  1.  Create a wool ball:
    – Inflate a balloon of 6 cm diameter.
    – Glue it with nail glue with a large brush.
    –Tick the knitting yarn avoiding wool thicknesses that would prevent the adhesive varnish to penetrate. Leave some empty space to promote the light diffusion through the ball.
    – Cover the ball with some generous amount of glue.
    Repeat as many times as needed (depending on the number of bulbs in your wreath).


2.  Drying:

The drying time depends on the amount of glue applied.
Place the balls if possible outdoors in sunlight to speed drying. Turn the balls every 30 minutes until  hardened.P1180408

3.  Assembly:

  • Pierce the balloon using a yarn needle.
  • Gently remove the balloon by pulling it.
  • Take a pen and form small circles to increase the diameter of the hole that will accommodate the bulb.
  • Fit bulbs in your new wool balls.


source: ruerivoirette


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