Tips Today: Grow Celery into your Kitchen


Are you looking for a healthy way to “produce” vegetables into your own kitchen? Do you want to know what you are eating? Is it important to you that your food is free from pesticides? Cultivate again food from the remnants of your kitchen! It’s fun and very simple … if you know how to do it.
Just remember that the quality of plant you use determines the quality of the “new” food will sprout in your kitchen. For this reason, prefer buying local organic products, to be sure that your plants are fresh, healthy and free from chemical and genetic interventions.


  • Cut off the stems as you would normally, and place the tip of the root in a shallow bowl of water, enough to cover the roots. Place in a sunny location next to the window and spray the water occasionally to keep the top moist.20151011_122640
  • After a few days, the roots and new leaves should start to appear. After about a week, plant the vegetable in the soil, only the sheets to protrude on the surface. The plant will continue to grow and within a few weeks will grow another whole.
    Alternatively, you can plant the root through the soil, but you should take care to keep it very wet the first week until new shoots begin to appear.

In the same way, you may also produce your own lettuce and cabbage!!

  • Leeks, onions and fennel:
    Simply insert the white tip of the root in a glass jar with a little water and leave it in a sunny place (eg window). When it’s time for cooking, simply cut what you need from the green and let the white tip of the root,  to keep grow in the water. Freshen the water the plant once a week so you will not need to buy these vegetables ever again!!!
  • Lemongrass:  The lemon grass grows just like any other grass. Plant the root end (after you cut the remaining pieces) in a glass jar with a little water and leave in a sunny position. Within a week, new leaves start to appear. Plant the lemongrass into a pot and let it out in the sun. You can use your lemongrass when it reaches the height of about 30 cm. Cut what you need and leave the rest of the plant continue to grow.


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