All Things You Will Ever Need For A Great PicNic

Now it’s that lovely time of year that we all want to take a picnic basket and a blanket and head outdoors!!! Or that’s not the only things we gonna need? Let’s take it step by step and find out what are all the essential elements of, not only a good but a GREAT picnic!!!

1. First of all, pick up a great spot…

No matter if you are a mountain or sea lover. Think of the scenery that most delights your heart…

Portugal Beach Picnic by Beth KirbyPortugal Beach Picnic by Beth Kirby (Source: lapizzaetlesfrites, via brizzlovesyou)



2. Search for the best blanket

You can either do it yourself….IMG_5071_465x600

find how to here

… or just buy one…picnic-blankets-01via

In any case, if your blanket isn’t waterproof already…. remember to bring a shower curtain too… enhanced-buzz-26480-1368823846-2via

3. Pick up the best basket

For two….

London (774)via

For four….

…or just your own… and

4.  Don’t forget the pillows 


5. Put everything into mason jars

Put everything into individual jars… from salad…cfab4dbc (1)

….to dessert….carrot-and-almond-cake-in-a-jar11carrot and almond cake

…and from cold summer drinks…

…to ice cream….(make sure it’s vegan!!!!)

6. Lighten up your scenery and keep pests away with citronella

You can even make your own candles soo easily….


7. Let the music play and pinterest

…or you should play music too… 🙂


8. Get prepared for lawn gamesPicnic Party Games

EnJoy!!!!! :)xx

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