La Vie en Rose: The Great Eight Rose Dessert Recipes

Spring is here and I feel very happy!!! Feel like I fall in love with life!! Nature is blooming too… which reminds me of roses!!5a0fb687dd8e65467816f1bea64cef5aphoto via

Here are the greatest rose desserts ever!!!

1. Lemongrass & Rosewater Pannacotta


Doesn’t it look great? ❤

2. Rosewater and Rasberry Macarons


…I ‘ll have to replace buttercream, though…. I’ll think of something. 🙂

3. White Peach and Rose Sorbet14701883898_3b6b35f817_cDoes it brings childhood memories to you too, or it’s just my idea??  Already dairy free… fantastic!!

4. Pistachio, Saffron & Rose Financiers


I will surely try them, love saffron soo much! I’ll replace only butter with coconut oil…. piece of cake!! 😛

5. Apple Rose Tart with Maple Custard IMG_7516ed

Who said apple is an autumn fruit?? 🙂 Great gluten free tart… full of rose-shape apples! ❤

6. Homemade Rosewater Marshmallows


Ok…. this IS childhood!!!!

7. Rasberry Rose Meringues


8. Garden Rose SyrupP1060168 1

En Rose!!!! :)xx ❤

One thought on “La Vie en Rose: The Great Eight Rose Dessert Recipes

  1. They all look beautiful, but I think that rosewater and lemongrass pannacotta would be fantastic in terms of balancing out the strength of the rosewater! I wouldn’t say no to any of them, though 😉

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