DIY Easter Art de la Table Ideas: Bunny Cutlery Keeper


This is ay very cute idea to decorate easily and with style your Easter dinner table.  You can make these little bunnies with your kids, you will enjoy it as much as them!!! 

All you gonna need is:

– Felt (choose the colour that matches best with your tableware and tablecloths)

– Black pencil and scissors

– Hot glue

– Bunny template

All you have to do is:

– Draw the pattern.  If you are not that good in drawing just print the pic, enlarge  the size you want  and put up on a baking sheet. Draw with pencil the outline of the rabbit and… ta-taaaaah!! Your pattern is ready.

– Using the template draw and cut as many felt bunnies as your need.

– Make two shortcuts in the middle of the bunny’s body. Make sure there is enough space for your cutlery to pass through.

– With the hot glue you can put anything you like on this stripe, that is made between the two cuts!! You can put little bunnies or little flowers… anything you want!!! Another good idea is to just write on this stripe your guests names, so you can use these bunnies as cutlery keepers and name-places too!!!

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EnJoy!!!! :)xx

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