Eeeeh….., What’s up Doc??

Easter is sooooo close!!!! Here are some ideas for easy dairy-free treats and deserts, that everyone will fall in love with.  🙂

No Bake Coconut Butter Bunnies

Pretty, raw and healthy sugar-free treat!!!!! It’s on my list to do for sure!!!!coconutbunnies2

Easter Chicks

Just perfect little coconut, lemon and almond truffles!!!!photo31-1024x764

Easter Biscuit Lollies

Great idea for place names on the celebration Easter table!!! I will only have to replace butter with unmelted coconut oil…. and write the correct names on!! 😀


Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes

Just PERFECT!!!!0d451ed9-fe4a-4e7e-93ca-b7e1d393108e

Easter Carrots 

Chocolate covered strawberries!!! Just find a moo-free one!1-easter-sweets

That’s what’s up Doc!!!! 😀

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