Citrus Zest in Syrup


What life taught me is the very much known: “When life gives you lemons…. make lemon juice”.  🙂

What my husband’s godmother taught me is: “When season gives you organic lemons, take their zest and keep it for the whole year into your fridge.”  

All you gonna need is:

  • organic lemons (or oranges, or bergamot), brushed, cleaned and dried
  • simple syrup, made from equal parts of sugar and water
  • one small jar

All you have to do is:

Take zest from the fruits, put it in the jar and fill with the simple syrup. That’s all.

Put the lid on and keep it in your fridge.

Add spoonfuls from this into your bakings and cakes… and wherever zest needed. CITRUS ZEST1

Note: I made orange yesterday…. which reminds me of……

EnJoy!!!!! :)xx

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