16 Christmas Appetizer Ideas with Almond-Cheese

Say “Cheese”!!!!!



Yes, this Christmas I decided to have many different cheesy appetizers on our table, using our almost-cheese spread instead of all those cheeses used on the recipes below.

Here are some great ideas I’ve found and I think that they will work just fine with the dairy free almond cheese we’ve made.

1. Black olive penguins


Find details for how to make this yummy here!!

2. Almond-cheese Snowman

6c0d9475-c734-4ce3-a173-dd6389c7f1f0Ok, this looks fantastic!! Found recipe here, and hope that it will do in our case,  with only changes the cold almond cheese for body and head and  prosciutto for scarves.

3. Pine cone cheese balls


Head to cooking.com for instructions.

4. Olive and rosemary wreath


I just came across on this on Pinterest and immediately found out the missing part of it… a small bowl with almond cheese into the middle of the wreath!!! 🙂

5. Red and shiny Christmas cheeseball


Can’t wait to try this one!!!  Found it here and considering of omitting all dairy and replacing them with our almond cheese,  and add the fresh sage leaves. Think that won’t be needed an electric mixer either. 🙂

6. Almond cheese roll with Pistachios & Cranberries


Found on realsimple.com. Thinking of just replacing the goat cheese with chilled roll-shaped almond-cheese.

7. Prosciutto Almond-cheese rolls


Found this yummy here!! Can’t wait to make this with our almond cheese spread and prosciutto instead.

 8. Christmas Tree & Snowman


Found this great recipe here!! I think that it will be great with the almond cheese too!!

9. Almond-cheese wreath


Found here!!! Looks great too!!!

10. Raw zucchini wrapped around almond cheese spread  & vegetables


Found it here!!!! Loved it!!!! ❤

11. Christmas Cheese balls


Found here!!!!  Just great!!

 12. Granberry & Pomegranate Bruschetta


Found this yummy here…..!!! Just can’t wait…. ❤

13. Rosemary & Cranberry spread


Found here!!!!! A definite too!!!!

 14. Sun-dried tomato & spinach torte


Found this great recipe here!!! I wonder if our remake gonna be as great as this!!! I only wish… ❤

 15. Cheeseball Pops


Found here!!! Wonder how it gets….hmmm… I’ll give it a try, looks great!!!!

16. Cucumber Canapés with Almond-cheese spread, Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Basil


Found this great idea here!!!!! A definite too!!!!! ❤

Enjoy!!!! :)x

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