Homemade Fig Jam with Citrus Notes

fig jam

I followed various recipes occasionally, but I decided to show you the easiest and secure, which I did this year. My goal was to enrich the result but very discreetly, so I put a little Cointreau:  gives subtle tones of orange, cinnamon and cloves just to add flavors.  Use this recipe or meticulously following the recipe or as a base in relation to the personal taste of the different options. The truth is that you will manage to save a little hazy summer for winter days and every bite spread on your bread will remind you of the August vacation.


  • 2.5 pounds of figs
  • 800 gr. – 1 kg sugar (if your figs are sweet, put the least amount)
  • 2 tbsp Cointreau or Grand Marnier
  • zest and juice of 1 lemon
  • 1/2 cup water
    in cheesecloth: 1 stick of cinnamon & 6 cloves


  1. Prepare the figs: Wash, remove stems and cut in 4 pieces. Put them in a large bowl, sprinkle with sugar and  other ingredients and stir. Leave the mixture for one hour at room temperature.
  2. Make the jam: Put the mixture in a tall pot and on low heat, with the cheesecloth containing aromatics.
  3. Stir again every 5 minutes. After the 40′-45 ‘ remove the cheesecloth. In this time, the skins have started to soften. If it is hard and thick  is convenient to use a hand mixer to mash them completely. While it is relatively soft and fine and prefer to stay in the jam, you can use a spoon or tool puree to dissolve into smaller pieces. In about one hour, the jam is ready.
  4. To make sure the jam is ready, you can put a plate in the freezer for a few minutes and then take up a scant tablespoon of jam. Pass  your finger above jam to confirm it is ready. Otherwise let a few more minutes to cook and try again.
  5. Storage: Put the fig jam into sterilized jars and place jars upside down until they get cold. Keep in a cool place and when opened in the refrigerator. To sterilize jars either boil in a little water for 3-4 minutes, or put them in the oven at 100º C for 10 minutes.

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